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      Selected Works Reel by Danielle Garrison

Includes the following choreographies by Danielle Garrison:

Tethered, 2018 La Grainerie Residency Toulouse, France
Film Collaboration with Franck Gonnaud and David AllenResponse to La Dépêche article "Un Suicide par Heure en France."

Liminal, 2017  Aerial Dance Festival Boulder, Colorado
How do we push, suppress, support each other? How can we feel the "other" in all of the complexities of our humanness? We are penetrating the threshold of redefining our non-embodied interactions.

les Essais, 2018 Le Lido Toulouse, France
Experiment with audience interaction. The audience became performers and decided how we would be seen, creating a responsive relationship.

Ethered and Tethered: a liminal space
, 2019  installation  Boulder, Colorado
The potential of merging aerial arts and media technologies was to re-find touch in our changing relationship with grief in a post-touch era.

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