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Choreography by Danielle Garrison

TETHERED, collaboration with David Allen and Franck Gonnaud, 2016, 2017, 2018. 

FUSE, collaboration with Britland Tracy, 2016.
Hidden Violence in Relationships

Grief, Collaboration with Sculptor Rebecca Deutsch, 2018

Ghost in the Machine, Leslie Levi and Laura Desimages, Paris 2018

La Grainerie Installation, Toulouse 2018

Foreign Corps(e), ADF 2019

INTERPOLATION, David Andrews, 2018
Trying to hold on to sensation while twilight is looming, and here, the individual suspends in a world falling away.

LIMINAL, Nina Reed, 2017

Les Essais du Cirque, Circusögraphy, 2018

TRANINSIENT, Nina Reed, 2015

BIRDHOUSE, Preston Newell, 2014

Velvet Cruize, Ninette Paloma, 2016

UNEARHTHED, Eddy O, 2012


UNEARTHED, Eddie Eng, 2011

INVISIBLE WEB, Chloe Jensen, 2010

GARDEN OF SOULS, Chloe Jensen, 2010

STUDIO, Jeb Jensen, 2009

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